18 April 2010


Nahariya--Nahariyya--Naharia--נהריה  No matter how you spell it (and you will see many variations), Naharia is wonderful. 

To see more pictures, and read articles by olim who live in Naharia, go to the Go-Coast-Nahariya Blog. 

13 April 2010


Why am I starting this blog?

Most olim who "Go North," settle in Haifa and the inland areas. Many would make a different choice if they knew more about the "other north" - the northern coast. This blog will provide information about this wonderful, but often overlooked, area - the northern coast.

While there is nothing wrong with Haifa and inland areas, the coastal areas north of Haifa are a wonderful alternative. Those of us living on the northern part of the bay, and the areas north of the bay, are happy with our choices. More importantly, there are many future olim for whom the northern coast would be the right choice.

For some olim who decide to go north, the best choice is the hustle and bustle of Israel's third largest city - Haifa. For some, the best choice is the pastoral life of the inland rural areas. However, for many people, the best choice is somewhere in the coastal areas north of Haifa - an assortment of suburbs, bedroom communities, small towns and villages - many of which are on the train line and offer easy access to Haifa (the 'capital' of the north), as well as the center of the country.

Future posts will highlight the different towns and villages of the northern coastal area, and will include anecdotes from olim who have settled in these areas.

My message is... olim-GoCoast!