19 January 2011

Men's Shiur News

Go-Coast Men -

Well, if you weren't there, you missed a good one. And for everyone who came out in the rain "yeshakoyach".

We discussed at length the “manna” that we ate while traveling in the wilderness:
 In some prayer books the biblical verses that pertain to manna are recited every day. 
On Shabbat if you are in a place where you do not know which Torah portion should be read, you read those verses which deal with manna.
 On Shabbat the two loaves of Challah that are covered before you make the Kiddush represent the double portion of manna that was collected on that Friday. This is because the Challah would be insulted since the blessing is made over the wine (everyone knows that).  However if you do not have wine, you can make Kiddush over the Challah (everyone knows that also).  The question is, if you do not have wine, and you make the Kiddush over the Challah, do you still have to cover them.  Why cover them; they are not going to be insulted; there is no wine.
The answer is that you still cover them because in the wilderness the manna was covered by dew.  
All this is all part of our tradition, remembering where we came from, and that is central to the concept of manna.
This week's Torah portion shiur in English, Parshat Yithro, will take place on Sunday evening at 7PM.  
It will be held at the Chabad shul located at HaGil'ad and Chanah Senesh.
We will review Parshah Yithro.  Rabbi Butman will conduct the shiur.

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