09 February 2011

7 Tips on Dealing With Bituach Leumi

    by Channa Coggan 

    February 2011, from Jacob Richman's website

    1. Sign up for "Sherut Ishi" 
    The single best step you can take to guard your interests is to sign up for Bituach Leumi's "Sherut Ishi" (personal service). Registration is free at the local Bituach Leumi office. Once you've braved the long lines, received your code, and added a password you can enter your personal account. Even a quick exploration of the "sherut ishi" site will show you whether or not Bituach Leumi's information about you is accurate.
    "Accurate information" is the key term. Inaccurate information may lead to the deferment of benefits due to you, or to the unknown accumulation of debt, or both. A lot of seniors don't find out how much their debt is until they apply for retirement benefits.
    Your employment history is stored in the section entitled "esoukim" under the "netuni bituach" menu. Bituach Leumi uses information on this list to calculate benefits such as maternity leave, accident or injury compensation, and/or retirement. Important note: The onus is on the insured (i.e. you) to prove employment for missing time periods. A new mother I know didn't receive full maternity leave benefits because an employer she had worked for at the beginning of her pregnancy hadn't notified Bituach Leumi of her employment.
    While every Israeli citizen over the age of 18 is obligated to pay monthly Bituach Leumi insurance, irregardless of employment status, and that exceptions are given to IDF soldiers, National Service volunteers and students taking vocational courses, it is not generally known that the requirement kicks in without notification immediately upon one's release/completion of studies. Since notification aren't sent, debts start to build up, and Bituach Leumi profits nicely from accrued interest and linkage. The onus is, once again, on the insured young adult to arrange for automatic payments with Bituach Leumi. My daughter unknowingly dug herself into thousands of sheqels worth of debt in this manner.  to read the rest of the article, please go to http://www.jr.co.il/aliyah/bituach-leumi.htm

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