01 February 2011


I am pleased to announce the removal of one of our pages.  I am usually pleased to tell you about something we have added (not removed) so this is quite unusual.  

The "Anglo-Friendly Businesses" page is gone.  Simply put, it is no longer needed - not that people don't need to have access to that type of information, but rather because there is a better source.  

Jason Frank, of Karmiel, has created an English website exclusively dedicated to reviews (both good and bad) of Israeli businesses. There is absolutely no reason for Go-Coast to continue in this vein, when Jason's site, CHEESE LEWEEZE, does it so much better.   The site has a business category list on the right side of the page, which is one way to search for reviews.  Also, if you go to the sitemap you will find a list of tags.  The tags list includes names of some cities (Nahariya, for instance), so this is another way you can search for reviews. Please check it out; I think you will like it.  Also, please support the effort by remembering to post your reviews there in the future.  We have added a link to Cheese Leweeze, under our Misc. Links List, so you will always be able to get to the site from here.

 If you previously posted a review here, or you read one and wanted to review it for more details, don't worry; the reviews are still available online.  They can all now be found at Jason Frank's site: http://www.cheeseleweeze.com/

P.S. I have invited Jason to write an article for this blog, so hopefully you will see something from him here on Go-Coast in the not too distant future.

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