16 February 2011

My afternoon with Yochi

Greetings readers. My name is Jonatan Zahav and I am a new Oleh. I just arrived on Dec 29th and moved to the north on Jan 5th. I live in a little place called Shlomi which is 12 km (7 miles for the uninitiated) north of Nahariya. Takes 15 minutes by bus and it is incredibly green, on the side of a steep hill. Great views out the window!!

Last week I had a wonderful meeting with a very interesting person at the Iriya of Nahariya. I met with Yochi Dobretzky the volunteer co ordinator and her assistant Ophra. Their offices are on the 7th floor of the Iriya and the phone number is 04-951-2327. They co ordinate various volunteer programs within the city of Nahariya, which I will outline here.

1 Six different educational assistance programs working with children, in various capacities, to alleviate unmet needs.
2 Help for depressed adults
3 Help for Educationally handicapped adults
4 Help for the blind
5 Work in the senior center
6 Presenting topics of interest to seniors by professionals
7 After school care program for kids
8 Work with Ethiopian Olim assisting their Klita (absorption) process
9 Work with South American Olim
10 Assist with Lone Soldiers
11 Meeting with seniors to spend some time with them
12 Meeting with individuals and families who have lost family members in wars
13 Helping provide Trampiada, or shelters for soldiers who are hitchhiking around the country
14 Yad Sarah, which provides free or low cost medical supplies for those in need
15 Municipal air wardens
16 Pretrial intervention with youth
17 Watching the bars and helping impaired people get safely home
18 “Night Birds” After school drop in center for youth providing educational and physical activities
19 Helping boys at risk
20 Helping girls at risk
21 Second chance program in conjunction with courts
22 Traffic awareness programs to help drivers become better
23 Helping people with budgeting and credit issues
24 Helping people who are long term residents in Kupat Holim
25 Volunteering to help with Holocaust Survivors groups
26 Helping students with their Bagrut prep
27 Helping a group to prevent violence in the home

With a load like that on her plate, you can imagine Yochi is very busy, and she is. Please, if you have any interest in the above, phone and make an appointment, do not just drop in. And when you speak with Yochi, mention to her that ESRA recommended her. We are trying to raise the awareness of the positive things English speakers do to contribute to our community life here in Israel.

Have a great day and hope to see you in the north.


  1. Wow, what a long list of volunteer opportunities. Thanks for this contribution to the blog, and welcome to the Go-Coast area.

  2. In terms of strictly hands-on, No. 17 has some merit:
    "Watching the bars and helping impaired people get safely home."

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